Is Property Investment In Gurgaon A Better Option

Is property investment in Gurgaon a better option? asked my boyhood buddy during my recent visit at his country house in suburban Delhi.

Johnie and I had been together from early childhood till the school final and then he went to join college in Bombay at his maternal uncles place and there from, after the studies, he left for Auckland. His talks belied his great expectations in property investment in the corporate hub of Gurgaon, lying in the Delhi NCR region. An expatriate from New Zealand, my friend had had a life of nearly three decades there. Johnie, ensconced between his savvy Czech partner, Sarah, an engaging brunette in the late thirties, and his mercurial teen daughter, asked me to talk on the property investment options in Gurgaon.

Property investment in Gurgaon is a better option than any other investment now, I reassured my pals preference, sipping steaming coffee in the winter evening. There are reliable facts under my belt to reconfirm my assurance. First of all, barring the little slump coinciding with the global economic meltdown, property market has seen an upward and appreciating trend in the region for long. Secondly, infrastructure sophistication has increased the value of Gurgaon properties. Better transporting facilities like the Delhi-Gurgaon National Highway, the Delhi-Gurgaon 8-line expressway, Delhi-Gurgaon metro rail, etc. have been contributory to this upward trend. I further assured Johnie that property investment in Gurgaon has a hopeful future. It is true, in the backdrop of the global economic meltdown and the fluctuating sensex, investors in the region are confused as to the choice of a risk-free, high return investment mode. Of course, there are ups and downs in the market graph. But the market slumps are only a transient, temporary phenomenon. Owing to a number of reasons, there is a sustained growth in the real estate market in Gurgaon.

Why is property investment in Gurgaon a better option? This is an intriguing question. In order to answer this question, we have to study the factors contributing to the boom in the real estate market in Gurgaon. The primary reason is the commercial significance of the city. Gurgaon is a growing commercial hub in the Delhi NCR. With the presence of the major international Corporates, Gurgaon property market is poised for a quantum leap in the coming years. Insiders say that the low market trend following the global economic downturn will not be long lasting and there will be a fillip in the market very soon.

From practical point of view, I tell you, you should gather enough information from reliable sources before making any investment in Gurgaon. You can log on to websites to access information about .